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volume block with external amps


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Ok, I have tried looking both here and Youtube but it seems I do not know how to phrase the question.

Most of the time I use my Helix straight into the computer and all is fine.. Now I am getting ready to head back out live and fighting with my volume control  on the board to vary the DB coming out of the amps as I do w/ the comp..


At the end of the chain( s) I have my volume pedal ( Exp 1) ON the comp, I have smooth control of the volume from 0-to 100%. I can hear it, I can smoothly go from rhythm to lead and back.. Depending on the parts I play, I adjust from normally 30% up to 75%, then any solo is usually at 100%.. no problem...


With my amps, one is tube, the other SS... AT the end of the chain, I have 0% sound and at 10% I have what sounds the same as 100%.

If I move the volume to the beginning of the chain I, of course, just cut the signal so that I have clean vs dist, but again, no sound-100%..  I have been fighting this since 2017 so, not a new problem, I just finally am asking for help. 

Yes, I can just set up a button w/ gain, but , it just doesn't sound the same nor does it flow the same.. and using two amps, I can't just use a foot pedal on an amp.. I don't dance that well anymore..


What am I messing up?

I have tried my normal stereo setups and went back again to mono w/ the same problem... Too loud or too quiet on stage. The amps are mic'ed ..btw...


Thanks for any help


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 I was thinking about that ..instead of sleeping last night..

I run from guitar to helix  then

USB to comp ( all is well )

Head phone jacks ( all is great )

XLR to monitor speakers ( sound isn't as good, but volume , again works perfect.. sound I blame on my old presonus monitor speakers .. live, I am mic'ed )

For the Amps:

1/4" jacks out to amps


Tube has simply Treble, Bass and volume.. that's it.. I run 5/5 and at 4 on volume for the tubes to kick in

SS Treble, Mid and Bass plus Volume and Master.. pretty much everything is 5.. I adjust Master and Volume , depending, to match Tube level

Nothing between Helix and amps.

No comps anywhere save on Helix, when there is one and it is before the volume.

Any out settings is still from factory

I mess with my "presets" and" Snapshots" mostly. Other than setting how I see the board, I haven't changed anything that I haven't reset over the years.


 I run  Strat through 1/4" in

SG w/ active pickups- Aux in , as it is wireless

Variax through the Variax cable

All go through the Helix and the above out .


I can set up with all of my Helix effects in stereo or simply nothing but a blank mono with nothing at all but the volume.. all the same, volume works on everything but 1/4 out or the amps, haven't thought , till during the night , to change the monitors to 1/4 to check that.

I don't normally have anything in the return/send , other than Talkbox, which only goes to one of the guitar sets.

Volume is controlled by the Exp 1. I use a second exp pedal for wah... but, again, I have a blank preset w/ just volume and it plays out the same as having everything set up. IE all or nothing on volume.. Granted, I know the ear can be " off" on hearing the changes, but it is only "off" going through the amps... and I get crud from sound folks about not hearing solos or rhythm being too loud without me messing w/ the guitar to change level or setting up a boost switch.. or fuss with the master volume w/ my foot while I play..which is sketch.


That is absolutely everything I can think of to explain... Maybe a factory setting someplace? Some built in comp after the presets going to 1/4" only?

Sorry, lots of words trying to explain fully.. an example won't help much as anything and everything or nothing all work the same w/ the amps


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On 6/27/2022 at 3:02 PM, Zentorz said:

Sorry, lots of words trying to explain fully.. an example won't help much as anything and everything or nothing all work the same w/ the amps




Yeah, again, lots of words and not very much to go on.


Please upload a preset so that some of the good folks here can check out for any obvious weirdness.


If it is something happening just when you connect you amps, then it could be that you're on your own, as we have no point of reference.


As I understand it - you seem to be comparing the sound you get from your computer into monitors over USB, and the same sound of the Helix out to 2 different amps, we could well be entering the area of the dreaded Fletcher Munson Curve, which is a battle you win never win.


If you are going to be playing live then you need to set all your presets at gig volume, anything else is a complete waste of time.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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Attach a sample preset.


Also, in as few words as possible, describe your wiring.


EXAMPLE: Guitar>Helix Input>Helix L/Mono Out>Amp Input


Telling us in excessive detail what you think we should know is much less effective than providing simple answers to the questions we ask and attaching a sample preset.

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Well there's not much in your preset to suggest anything other than a volume pedal going to a multi output block.  The only thing I can think of is some setting in your global settings affecting your big Helix output knob such as disabling it for the 1/4" output so it's at a constant output volume.  I can certainly see the value of the output moving through the entire range in HX Edit when I change my footpedal, but that doesn't mean anything depending on how you're setup your Helix.  First thing I would do is disable global settings and see if there's something in there affecting the output on the 1/4".  Can you adjust the volume levels for both XLR and 1/4" by turning the big Helix volume knob?  Other than signal levels you might be assigning differently to the 1/4" nothing jumps out at me.  I would certainly think you would want your 1/4" output set to Instrument level for going into the front of the amp.

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Helix came back from Line 6 for repairs 9 months ago, no changes to any globals since I got it back

Big Vol works on XLR and 1/4"

1/4" out set for inst as from factory


Only the volume goes from 0% at 0% then 100% at 11% on 1/4

smooth 0-100% as it should on XLR

any other use of any exp pedal also works smoothly both on XLR & 1/4 outs

same results on exp2 and exp3

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Nope nothing wrong with that. Works fine.

FWIW - that's NOT what was meant by a sample preset. That's just a Volume Pedal Block in a BLANK preset.

Attach an ACTUAL preset that you're using so we can see what else might be going on.

Of course, if you're part of a top-secret CIA operation I guess that's not possible.

Otherwise, I PROMISE - no one here will sell your preset on the internet. Honest!

Also, you didn't specify your wiring - Guitar>Helix>Amp Input? Guitar>Helix>FX Return?

You mentioned Exp2 and Exp3 - the on-board Exp pedal can be 1 or 2 but not 3 - are you also using an external expression pedal?

If so, there could be a problem with the assignments. Another reason for attaching a REAL sample preset.

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That Was an example. The volume works on XLR and USB as well as through the headset and yet, not with an amp here, any amp.

I'm glad it worked for you which would mean the assignment is fine.

It... like the other 24 presets I have set works exactly the same with the volume.

 I have no interest in selling my presets. and I did say Guitar>helix>amp

it's right up there above.. with the volume sample.. and more on the subject above that.

heh, and, no, I do not work for the CIA I am old and finally retired after 45 years in the same job.

I have also put that It was on exp1 and that using Exp2 and 3 all do the same thing

I also wrote that it , in fact, works on the XLR as well as USB. ( also see above )

Never mind, I can see I am getting no where .

thanks anyway

if it works for everyone that looked, then there is a problem that forums couldn't help no matter how little or much I show or explain

This is why I didn't ask for help earlier



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On 6/27/2022 at 6:23 PM, Zentorz said:

That Was an example. The volume works on XLR and USB as well as through the headset and yet, not with an amp here, any amp.



OK, Good Luck!

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