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JTV59 neck pickup stopped working

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My JTV59 neck pickup stopped working. Bridge pickup is ok, as is the variax modeling. Nothing particular caused it that I am aware of - some sweaty gigs but nothing outrageous. Anything I could easily check/try before going through the hassle of shipping it to line6, or traveling 2.5 hours to a service center?

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You could check solderings in the switch that select the pickups. Also check the same switch isn't dirty or malfunctioning (happened to me once, and was missing middle position). Other than that I wouldn't mess with the main PCB.

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Same to what PierM said, I actually had my neck pickup not function last night. The Variax functionality was fine - even with the switch. But if I switched to the natural pickups the neck was a no go. Middle (combined) and bridge worked fine. 


I worked at it for about twenty minutes. I noticed if I put it to middile, played, and then flipped to neck only it would work - did that enough and then all functionality returned. 


Fluke? Dumb luck? Doomed to have it go out again in five days? 


No idea, but it fixed it for me last night and I thought I'd pass it on. 


Good luck, and may the guitar gods have mercy on our souls. 

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