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Low Volume Mode


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I've noticed strange behavior from my DT25 that I've seen discussed in some previous threads but thought I'd start a fresh one. The short version is that, when switching between Low Volume Mode on and off, depending on which preamp model you're using some are actually LOUDER with LVM turned ON than they are when it's OFF, which is strange. I do not believe this to be a hardware issue/defect, as I have two DT25s (a head and a 1x12 combo) and they both do this.


I first noticed this when I started using the DT in 4CM with my Helix. I'm using Snapshot mode and have some presets where I will change preamp models on the DT between Snapshots. The first gig I played I noticed that the levels between Snapshots on a few patches were not properly balanced at all. In the days following the gig I double-checked them at home and got everything set. Next gig, same thing. Checked them all again after the gig. Next gig - SAME THING. What I ultimately realized was that the ONLY difference between when I was playing/level-matching at home vs playing at a gig was that LVM was ON at home and OFF at the gig. Sure enough, I switch to one of the problem Presets/Snapshots, switch LVM OFF, and the volume went DOWN. In order to prevent further issues at future gigs I've pretty much decided to just leave LVM on all the time, since I play more at home than I do live and personally I think the amp sounds its best with LVM on and the Master around 2-3 o'clock anyway. From what I can tell it seems to primarily affect the lower-gain amp models. If I'm using the Treadplate model for example, switching LVM on and off results in the volume changing exactly as you'd expect. But if I'm using something like the Gibtone or the Tweed B-Man Normal, the amp gets quieter when LVM is turned OFF.


Anyone else experience this?

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