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Pod Go/Helix Converter


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I have been working on understanding the Pod Go files and the Helix files so I could determine how to convert between them. I have completed the first draft of the format document that explains the file formats and shows how we could convert between them. The document can be found here


For me, the next steps are:

  1. Verification of the information, by creating files and verifying against Helix (I only have the Pod Go).
  2. Creating a conversion document that shows how to convert for each item.
  3. Creating a converter. The convertor would simply "dumb down" a Helix file for Pod Go, and beef up a Pod Go file for Helix.


Is this something anyone is interested in? It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. I would like to know how much interest there is before I go further.


(Side note: it looks like steps 4 and 5 could be using Rocksmith to create a presets from your favorite Rocksmith songs.)


Thanks for your time. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Wow!  Impressive work.  It got me thinking that trying to reach someone from L6 might be really beneficial.  There really is nothing sensitive about the json patch format imho, and if community tools popped up which allowed to convert helix patches to pod go patches or the such, I'm sure it would be for the benefit of L6; having Go users having access to Helix patches might influence potential buyers to going with Go rather than a competitor.


It's even something I'm sure L6 would like to put out; if they had free devs, I'm certain they'd love to offer such tools to their user base.  So if community tools might be a thing, maybe L6 could provide some documentation about the 2 formats; helix and go.


BTW, there already exists a Helix patch visualizer:


Maybe contacting the creator of the above for coop, as if you could collaborate to create an exporter using his reader, that would save you a lot of work and likely improve both projects; harnessing power of the community.

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