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Controlling Helix With Midi via Foot Controller


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I apologize if this has been covered before but I'm struggling with this topic.  I have an old 12 button Digital Music Corp Ground Control unit that I previously used with my HD500X and I would like to see if it would be useful for integration into my Helix set up.

I would like to be able to use the midi controller as additional foot switches.  


First thing.  I just tried the Ground with my HD500X and it still works like it used to so I'm sure there's no really issue with it or the cable.  How ever I think I'm might have stumbled on to my problem.  I'm currently Using a 5 pin midi cable because the HD500X midi is only 5 pins.  The Ground control midi only has out and it's 7 pin.  I noticed this after banging my head for about an hour.  The ground control doesn't even change presets on the current setlist of the helix but it does change presets on the HD500x.  Could this be because of the 5 pin cable instead of the 8 pin cable.   Is it possible they channels aren't assigned correctly?


I'm somewhat familiar with the ground control and the set up.  I know I can talk to 8 different devices and assign the channels on the ground control.  My question is this, Does the helix communicate  on only one dedicated channel or can I set both the helix and ground control to say channel 5.  


Is it possible that ground control is just too old to communicate with the helix?






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Here's a link to the GC Manual:

gc_origv2manual.pdf (


A quick look indicates no reason why it would not work with Helix.

I read somewhere that it's possible to insert a 5pin cable incorrectly into a 7pin socket, but if it works with the HD500 it should work with Helix.


Verify that both the GC and Helix are on the same MIDI Channel. Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI Base Channel.

Also, Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI PC Receive=MIDI+USB.


If it still doesn't work, connect your HD500 to your computer via USB and use a MIDI Monitor to see what is actually being sent by the GC.

Use the MIDI Monitor (or a DAW) to route the MIDI from the GC to the HELIX via USB. This eliminates the possibility of MIDI HW problems between the GC and Helix.


Update me.

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