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Question for psarkissian or any other Variax devotees

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I'm, no stranger to the world of Variax. Had an electric 300 and a 600, tried the JTV 89, have a JTV69 and JTV59.
I always used 9s on my strats. After all these years, when I put EB Slinky 9s or Cobalt Slinky 9s on my 69 I feel like I'm breaking the law.
I sounds OK to me, but always wondering if I am really diminishing the ability of the piezos. Should I just stick with the
D'Addario XL 10s?
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I just put on a set of EB Cobalt .009 gauge and they seem to work fine.  I had .010's on it and was getting weird transients.  The .009's just seem to work better for me. Why you wanna work so hard??? I also changed out the medium frets on my Variax Standard to medium jumbo.  Plays almost as well as the JTV59 that I had. That guitar was like your fingers were floating on air, even with a chunkier neck, but I'm a Strat guy and Standard fits my style better and I like the thinner neck and lighter weight. Also, I do prefer the 5 way switch. My friend immediately bought the 59 from me! I lost $200 on the deal but it covered the cost of the Standard which I think, on its own, is a great guitar! Sounds as good as my '91 Strat Plus!

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" I had .010's on it and was getting weird transients. " --- Set-up has to be more spot on than normal passive electric guitars,

due to interaction between magnetic pick-ups and piezos (warbling from pick-up height not adjusted, whistling howl from tuning

or intonation not being spot on). Quirks to be aware of.


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