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Do these effects live somewhere in the POD GO? Or are there are any presets people are aware of? (synth/Adrenalinn)


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I am sure that this topic has come up MANY TIMES, and I can confirm that after a quick search. However, after that quick search, I determined that some of the topics are just "too old" and in other cases, they start on one topic and then the conversation veers off. 


So, let's say I want to make my guitar sound like a synth (think something like the Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9) - is there anything like that? 

Also, John Mayer's song "Bigger Than my Body" - is that still "impossible" to do without owning the Adrenalinn pedal? 


By the way, if my searching skills suck, please point me to a thread where this was already covered. 

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Prior to v1.40 that came out on Tuesday, within the Filter effects category you already had:


Octi Synth

Synth O matic

Attack Synth

Synth string


The latest v1.40 Pod Go firmware includes a new Line 6 original amp, 9 new effects, 18 additional Legacy effects, and bug fixes. The legacy effects include legacy synth effects as below (again, all in the Filter fx category)


  • Pitch/Synth > Buzz Wave, Line 6 Original. These are cool combinations of saw and square waves with fast vibrato. The 8 different Wave parameters offer different vibrato speeds and different pitches
  • Pitch/Synth > Rez Synth, Line 6 Original. These are all sweeping low pass filter effects with the resonance set high. Resonance is a peak at the frequency of the low pass filter
  • Pitch/Synth > Seismik Synth, Line 6 Original. This effect has an oscillator that tracks the pitch of your guitar. You can choose between 8 different wave shapes which give you different “flavors”—all of them one or two octaves down from the original pitch
  • Pitch/Synth > Analog Synth, Line 6 Original. These are great for funky synth guitar (or bass) lines. These sounds were made popular by Moog and ARP
  • Pitch/Synth > Synth Lead, Line 6 Original. These are styled after popular analog monophonic synth lead sounds from Moog, ARP and Sequential Circuits
  • Pitch/Synth > String Theory, Line 6 Original. This emulates classic synth string sounds like those found in the ARP Solina String Ensemble and the Elka® Synthex. The harder you pick, the brighter the sound. We somehow had two separate effects called "Synth String"—one from POD Farm 2.5 and the other from FM4, which was already added to POD Go. Renamed the POD Farm version "String Theory" to avoid confusion
  • Pitch/Synth > Synth FX, Line 6 Original. These sounds aren’t really designed to be musical. These are more “special effects” sounds. You’ll hear a lot of these kinds of sounds in movie soundtracks
  • Pitch/Synth > Saturn 5 Ring Mod, Line 6 Original. Ring modulators take two signals (one supplied by your guitar, the other supplied by the effect) then adds and subtracts similar frequencies. Electro-Harmonix® makes a ring modulator pedal called the Frequency Analyzer that is a popular guitar effect. The only limiting factor is that the pitch of the signal provided by the effect is constant. Meaning you have to play only in the key of that pitch to be musical
  • Pitch/Synth > Synth Harmony, Line 6 Original. If you loved those big synth leads from 70’s era prog bands then you’ll love this effect. There are two synth waves at work here. Your first two parameters allow you to choose a pitch interval of your original note played. The Wave parameter works differently from what you’d expect with the other synth models; here it controls the gain of the saw wave, while the square wave gain remains constant
  • Pitch/Synth > Double Bass, Line 6 Original. This effect has two oscillators that track the pitch of your guitar—one square wave tuned one octave down, and one saw tooth wave two octaves down
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btw do these work ok for any of you?


I tried them briefly yesterday, and they seem to track ok for one note, but it goes completely garbled if there are more than one note at a time.  Which I'm sure is normal; not polyphonic or whatever the word is.  But even with one note, seems to be a bit bugged...  


For the String Theory for instance, the way it works, as you play a note, plays the string.  Each string note has a start, middle and end.  The start/end being when the bow starts/stops moving, so very soft, the middle is the note playing; so loud string noise, then the end, bow stops, so goes very soft.  As you play many notes, it goes to this iteration quickly, but if you're playing quickly, it just tends sticks to 'middle' where it's loud.  Great!  BUT, sometimes it bugs out, and it just stays soft all the time... Then you don't hear any string noise anymore, just muffled noises.


Maybe it was my settings, was using a clean amp, is there any tips for it to work better?  But yeah, for me, it felt a bit uncontrollable and unpredictable.  Don't think it was my picking or anything; really like if it was bugging out ...!   It almost felt like it was the DSP; like if there was too many things going on and the Go could not keep up and the effect just bugged out..  But yeah maybe it's just me also, maybe I was doing something wrong?!

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Ah this is great news! Somehow I had looked over the 4 effects you mentioned, but great to know they added all those other ones!! And it just came out Tuesday? Wow. My timing couldn't have been any better haha 


grdGo33, now I am curious. I will test this out later when I have time and see if I have the same results. 


In reference to the second part of my post, even if there is no Adrenalinn pedal clone in the POD GO, is there a arpeggiator? (same comment about my searching skills sucking if there is something I am just overlooking. As a precaution, I did just hit Google, but I see no mention of it, but it could just be my search terms) 


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