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Keyboard sounds like Dio - Last in Line


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We're working on a Dio tribute band. I was able to see a video with Glen DaLune where he made a great organ/leslie sound. I totally have all the Rainbow covered.


Now I need to get the more string type sound for the "newer" songs. I used to get it with just basic pitch shifters in older multi FX (like way back, Boss SE-50 for instance) but having trouble here in Helix. 


Anyone seen or know how to get something like this?

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I don't know what exact synth sounds you need, just maybe pads in that particular song?  I don't hear anything prominent. 


In terms of organ sounds, I use the 3 tone generator, run it through a 12 string sim, and have a Leslie, and save pitch settings in snapshots.  That way I can have a backing organ track for myself.  Some snapshots can have the Leslie on, some off, so Leslie can spin up, slow down. 


I also have a song where I simulate a Leslie by having a very high distortion signal where the guitar feeds back on its own.  I run that through a Leslie, and as the feedback happens, the chord morphs and sounds like an organ player is changing the drawbar settings.  Also, I control the Leslie spinning speed with the exp pedal.


Finally, there are a bunch of legacy synth sounds that were added in 3.15.  You can use them to shape your sound, add some harmonies, using smart harmonizer. 

They are all quite finicky, and I quickly realized that I personally could not get anything useful out of them, but that's me.  Plus I had to downgrade to 3.11 due to an EXP pedal bypass bug.





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