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Are there any amps that have a clean and dirty channel that we can swap between? Or...


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I know of two solutions: use the same preset and make a snapshot of the amp with the gain up, and the other with the gain down. Or, of course, use a clean amp, and add a distortion pedal. 


Yes, I have played with my POD GO, but I am just curious if I missed anything else. My actual physical amp does has a footswitch to swap between the two channels it has. Does anything like that exist in the POD GO? Or were the only solutions the one I mentioned? 


To be clear, in reference to my last sentence, I'm not asking if the POD GO can change the channels on my amp. I am just asking if there is one in the POD GO itself that has both a dirty and clean channel. Thanks in advance. 

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Nope.  The different channels of amps are in the Go 2 different amps; ex; 

Revv Gen Purple based on : Gain 1 (purple) channel of the Revv® Generator 120
Revv Gen Red based on: Gain 2 channel of the Revv® Generator 120
Das Benzin Mega Based on: Diezel VH4
Das Benzin Lead Based on: Diezel VH4



Some of the amps clean up way better than others; more responsive to volume.  So play softer and it'll be clean/cleanish, play harder and it'll distort; so you can control gain via guitar volume.  The new Ventoux for instance can go from clean to gritty. 


Might also want to check out The Derailed Ingrid based on Trainwreck Express.  It's interesting that some amps you might just glance over have some story and might be more interesting than their original preset might make you think.



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I don't know if this might help, but there is one amp model that comes to mind that has two drive settings (Drive 1 & Drive 2), allowing you to switch between a clean and higher gain sound.  The model that comes to mind is the Cartographer.  I haven't tried it from the perspective of whether the drive settings are akin to what you'd expect from a 2 channel amp but it might give you some additional flexibility/possibilities.  I don't think there are any other models with a similar option AFAIK, but very happy to be corrected here. 


Also, some models have 2 versions eg Placater Clean and Placater Dirty, and the Soldano model comes in Clean, Crunch and Lead Modes. Would not switching between eg Soldano Clean and Soldano Lead be similar to switching channels?  You could set these up with the exact same cab & FX/settings or (something that's more awkward to do in the real world) set a different cab/mic and different fx and/or settings in each patch.  I appreciate that when patch changing you might experience a slight lag (far less so if your cab/mic/FX & FX settings are the same), but in the real world with some amps you'd tend to get some lag when switching channels anyway.





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