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Powercab 212 & Helix - So much boom/muffle


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Hi guys, hope you can offer some advice and help.

I have got a helix and PC212 hooked up via L6 link, set up the levels so presets turn yellow.


However every amp I try sounds so boomy/muffle, it’s crazy! I have an EMG loaded guitar so have turned the Pad On and not made much diff, is there something in general settings on Helix / PC that I’m missing? (Using the speakers rather than FrFr although still the same).


I have tried downloading some presets, ones built in and starting one from scratch with just an amp?


Any ideas lovely Helix users :-)

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The PC212 has a setting for cutting that out.  Sorry, I can't remember what it is called, but if you go to the PC and scroll through the settings options, there is something like a bass cut or low cut or something.  It sounds like that is what you need.  I'm sure someone will post the correct name for the setting option.  Good luck.



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Knowing what your signal chain is in the Helix can also help. Depending on your experience, if you're using a cab sim or IR in the Helix but also using the amp simulations on the Powercab then you're essentially doulbing up the cabs which can lead to a boom/muffle sound.


You mentioned that there was no difference in FRFR mode, and assuming that's true, then the above is not your problem, but I still like to point it out to people as it's a mistake I see fairly often. 

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