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Hex wrench sizes for Variax JTV 89F

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Can anyone confirm these are the correct Hex wrench sizes for the JVT 89f.  Specifically, for the neck and bridge string locks.  I lost the original and bought a set that had a 7/64" wrench based on a post I found in the Support forums, but it seems like a 7/64 is just a smidge tiny and has enough play in it that after using it a few time it's starting slip while tightening it...and I'm not over tightening it.


These were the sizes posted:


1 - 4mm hex, for truss rod adjust JTV-89F (relief)
1 - 5/64" hex, for individual piezo level intonation adjust (intonation)
1 - 7/64" hex, for Locking nut and bridge string locks
1 - 3/32" hex, common generic tool in most guitar tool kits

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I just pulled out a caliper and checked mine:

4mm - for truss rod

2.5mm - for piezo location on bridge intonation adjust

3mm - for locking nuts and bridge string locks

Then I grabbed a multi-wrench unit and double checked.


3mm is 0.118", which wil give a tighter fit than 7/64 at 0.109".

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Sorry, I didn't see Psarkissian's response before i posted mine.


The 2.5mm for intonation (my wrenches read a bit under at 2.45mm) works out to be 0.096", which is pretty much the same as 3/32" (0.094").

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