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Command center bug?


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Hi to all!!!!
Maybe i have found a bug in the HX stomp' command center. Can someone confirm if is only a my problem?
The bug is this:
I have this setup
Harley Benton midi controller(same as meloaudio midi commander) -> HX stomp ->boss gt-1000core. Also a exp pedal connected to the stomp.
The controller (mp100, to short the description) is set to send CC commands to the Gtk core via HX stomp' midi thru.
If I want to engage a particular block (whammy)on the stomp and the Gtk core(send/return block),i use the exp pedal  that sends the proper CC command on the Gtk via stomp' command center.
The problem is that if i press a mp-100' button (button 2 ,that sends CC#2 ,127 or 0 value) after programmed the command center, this activates the blocks on the stomp and the Gtk
I have already controlled all the assigns on the Gtk core, the stomp, and the midi controller.
Any suggestion?

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Refer to the MIDI chart in the HXS manual.

CC#2 activates the HXS Exp Pedal 2.

When controlling two MIDI devices from a single controller, set them to different MIDI Channels (HXS default is Ch1, GTK is probably the same, set it to Ch2).

Then set your MIDI controller to send HXS messages on Ch1 and GTK messages on Ch2.

Not all MIDI controllers are capable of sending multiple messages on separate channels with a single button press.

RTM to see if the MP100 can do that.

The alternative depends on your needs and the capabilities of the GTK. If the GTK has hard coded CCs (the Send/Return Block can ONLY respond to CC#2 then you have a problem since the HXS Exp 2 is hard coded to CC#2. Thus the need for separate channels.

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On 8/18/2022 at 12:03 PM, davidin73 said:

Fortunately, the gtk has no fixed values, so I can change them at will.


I'm glad that worked.... I'm just leaving you something to consider. 


When you use more than one midi device it is always best to assign a discreet midi channel to each device. When you leave everything set to OMNI (ALL) every device is always listening and will jump into action when they recognize the command. Assigning different channels prevents that from happening, in short.... no unexpected consequences. 




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