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So The ir Pack that I just bought Wont load because it said its expired. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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So yes the Pack I just bought of market place won't load to my Helix 

floor because it said the license is expired. What am I missing 

here, I bought it like 5 min ago is my license only good for 2 min?

This is the second time this has happened to me. Thought the 

first time was just because I did wait like 2 months to try and install.


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On 8/21/2022 at 10:32 PM, Jago1234 said:

This is the second time this has happened to me.

Wow, look at all those screamers.




Somebody is appears to be very upset, but the thing is, shouting and screaming in here doesn’t help your situation. 

There are no Line staff here, and only very occasionally do they visit these forums - See the “sticky comment” in the black banner stripe at the top of this page entitled “Welcome to the Line 6 forums!”


The best solution to this is for you to contact Customer Support and raise a ticket.

In fact - if this has happened previously, as you state in your post, what fixed the problem on that occasion? Try it again?

Hope this helps/makes sense.


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thanks that's so helpful. No I'm not that mad this !!!!!!!! was only to help draw attention to the post. 

that's no to say I'm pleased but its not like I spent a huge amount of money. and also the only reason I mentioned

this is the second time is that it might be a reason and remember I was asking is there something I am

missing because that was never solved either. but again thanks for the. uncalled for rude response. 

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Fwiw, I would never purchase IRs round these parts. They're proprietary and serve no further purpose outside of the Helix ecosystem.

Buy a pack straight from an IR vendor and you'll get a bunch of wavefiles which will never expire and can be used with whatever you like.

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