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HX Stomp Amps Not Working


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I am new to the HX stomp, so maybe I am just doing something wrong, but when I add a preamp, amp or amp cab combo to the chain, no matter what I do I hear no changes to the sound coming out of my head phones either directly plugged in or in my DAW. For example: When I fiddle with the amp gain or master I am expecting at least a volume change, but I can turn it all the way down and hear absolutely no difference. I can turn the master all the way dow and it sounds exactly the same as when its at 100%. Its the same for all of the amp setting, switching between amps and turning on and off the block there is no change what so ever. All of the effects work just fine it's just the amps and preamps. Is there a global setting or something that needs to be changed or did I just get a bad unit?

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Are the stock presets sounding properly? Have you tried modifying one of those preset amp blocks?


If the original presets are working fine, then you are probably doing something wrong indeed. :)

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