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Can hear Direct Input while using Helix Native


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While using Helix Native on Cubase Pro 12 I can clearly hear my direct input along with the wet signal, not really nice.

If I try to record something, both dry and wet signal are going to be recorded.
I don't have any problems like this using other VST plugins.
I've recently updated HN to the latest version, can't tell if this problem occured before the update.


I tried different impedance settings, preamps (Focusrite, API, Neve) but nothing seems to solve the problem.

Any help?

I've attached an audio sample of the issue

System I'm using:
Macbook pro 15" mid 2012 - OSX 10.15.7
the audio interface is linked to mac via Firewire
Cubase pro 12
The audio track is set to mono (with stereo out of course)

There is only Helix Native as insert (mix 100%)

project settings 48khz - 24bit



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Hi, @Imyourcluster!


Have you found an explanation / solution to the problem you encountered?


I haven't used Cubase once in the last twenty years, so I don't have any specific tip to offer... 


But, having said this, I've patched Helix Native into any VST / AU / AAX environment and...


I can only second @soundog's reading of the lay of the land: monitoring is always handled at DAW-level.


Unless – and that's why this post of yours became of interest to me. 


You don't mention what OS you're on, and you don't mention what HW is hooked to your computer for audio inputs and outputs... but.


I've made me a portable setup with Helix Native and a RME Babyface Pro interface, for when I wanna keep practising and researching on the road without a chance to drag along my Helix Rack and HX Stomps...


RME interfaces using their Total Remote software normally let you listen to your original (means: input) signal regardless of your DAW's settings – and are therefore equipped with a specific workflow logic which put the interface "within" the DAW.


Such function therefore disables any hardware monitoring capability of the interface by itself and on its own, and it's named "Operational Mode" within the Total Remote software.


As this is the only alternative scenario to what @soundog kindly offered, I thought it worth to contribute it here, if ever you're still in search of a key to open that door. 


HTH, as shall be the purpose of any contribution to a forum of tech users!

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