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What setup for Helix connected to PC?


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Hi guys, 


maybe an easy question for many of you but not for me :)

For "at-home" use, I'd like to connect Helix to my PC and use Speakers for this purpose.
What do I need to create this setup? Helix... PC... speakers.... and do I need a sort of interface to connect speakers?
Is there anyone that can help me to understand how to set up this? What do I need and what speakers can be a good choiche (let's say "medium" price range...)


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Connect your Helix to your PC via USB and connect your speakers to the Helix outputs, either 1/4” or XLR. Your Helix becomes your computer’s soundcard, and all PC-generated audio is routed to the Helix (e.g. YouTube, Spotify, backing tracks, …).

The speakers need to be powered, and a good choice for home use would be studio monitors. I would go with minimum 6” speakers. There are lots of good options in your local audio stores, and plenty of threads here that discuss the options.

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If you’re “only” going to be using the helix for sound with the PC the above solution is quick and easy. Ultimately you’d want an audio interface especially if you’re connecting more gear like synths, drum machines, keyboards, midi devices, etc. Using Helix as a sound card would be my last choice, but a good choice if resources and gear are limited. 

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