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The Doctor Is In...

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ok so here is a patch I made for FRFR setups using a pair of awesome Dr Z's with different cabs and mics.  A little Tube Compressor out front, slight delay on one amp, Digital Delay on FS3, Analog Chorus on FS2 and Chandler Tube Drive on FS1 for a nice dirt boost.


No need to load a bunch of EQ's, this just sounds full and rich as is.  It's setup for a Variax with the single input method but if you are using a regular guitar you may want to change input 2 to Variax.


I loaded arislaf's excellent Telecaster bundle and there is a great range of tones to be had there.  Great work arislaf!  Running my JTV-69 through a Rocktron Velocity 300 into a pair of passive Peavey 15" PA speakers just for your reference.


Give it a whirl and then share your favorite Dr Z patch...




feedback welcome...

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