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POD GO customtone upload bug?


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I have uploaded my Pod Go .pgp patches, and when they are downloaded, they change extension to .l6t (original uploaded files were .pgp). I have tried this numerous times, with same results. It seems like a bug. Does anyone knows how to resolve this? 


This is an example:


You will notice that it is uploaded and marked as Pod Go (.pgp) file, but still...


I would appreciate any help.

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Odd - I can see the patch on custom Tone but the .l6t files are for POD Farm and/or the POD X3 series. They won't work with the POD Go.  I can't immediately think why the file type has changed to this if it was created in Pod Go.  After work I'll try changing file suffix to .pgp and see if my Pod Go recognises it. 


When you loaded it, did you go into Custom Tone and select the Pod Go Wireless icon first (see link below)? If you loaded it from a different Custom Tone device section, I'm just wondering if that might be the problem and might explain why Custom Tone is converting the file type automatically?



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