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button press go to one snapshot, same button press next time go to different snapshot


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Hey, Helix floor user with PC112+ and PC212+ stacked, connected using L6link.  My presets are setup like a regular pedal board.  I have effects, drives, delays, etc tied to stomp buttons in stomp mode and use the snapshot mode to change reverb, delay levels, combine some drives, and turn on or off certain effects (e.g. Rotary, etc.).  I am in 10 stomp mode.   My main presets are setup the same except with different amps.  So each preset can do just about everything I want, clean to dirty to spacey just depending on which guitar or how much dirt I need.


I just started playing with the command center.  I found that in snapshot mode, I had a clean and dirty snapshots, but sometimes needed a boost for the lead.  So in command center, I assign a button for clean and a button for dirty snapshots in the stomp mode.  I already had a boost button in stomp mode.  This works fine.


So, for my question.  Is it possible to have  one button go between the clean and dirty snapshot.  For example, I click it once and it goes to clean.  the next time I click it, it goes to dirty snapshot.  Is that possible.  It seems like you can set it up to go to one snapshot "on press" and then another on "release"... however you have to keep it pressed down to stay in that snapshot.  I also think you can make it go to a different preset, so I guess I could clone two presets and have one in clean and one in dirty, but that would jump to a preset and there would be a pause in sound.



Another interesting thing I found was I had button 7 set in stomp mode to change the drive and the volume of the amp.  I also had a snapshot for button 7.  When I used command center to assign snapshot 7 to button 7, it's like it added the snapshot to the button.  It showed "multiple (3)" on button 7 scribble strip.  I could also press button 7 and switch between the stomp settings (amp values) and the snapshot.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


Sorry for the long post, however thanks for your responses!




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