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HX Stomp: Mixing passive piezo and magnetic pickups (acoustic an electric)


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Hi, Folks,


I'm modding a jazz guitar that currently has a magnetic pickup in the neck.  I'm putting an acoustic pickup (actually a compression pickup) under the bridge to get an acoustic sound.  However, I don't have a pre-amp for the pickup, but one is generally recommended.


I'm planning to have them wired with a stereo/TRS output jack on the guitar so I can blend them externally.  Would the HX stomp be sufficient for this?  The idea is to split the signals into the two inputs and then bring the two input paths together.  On the acoustic side, I would have an IR as well as a pre-amp model or similar.


Would this work out okay?  Do I need a pre-amp to amplify the acoustic signal *before* I get to the Helix, or should I be able to balance those two pickups with levels, etc. inside the HX Stomp?


Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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It's POSSIBLE . . . I've run two guitars through a Stomp. This is essentially the same thing. 


The downside is you will run out of DSP (processing power) extremely fast. You may be unhappy with the final result as your electric guitar path will probably be limited to an amp and a reverb. Maybe a LITTLE more depending on what you choose. 


If you're not planning on using amp models and instead use a real amp it'll probably work a bit better for you. 


As for if you'll need a pre-amp, that's harder for me to weigh in on. I've never tried an acoustic without one. There are mutiple volume/levelling options in the Stomp, but many of them take additional signal processing power to use (which is at a premium in your setup) and how well it works compared to a in built pre-amp I can't say. 

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