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HX Stomp: Noise in sync with tap tempo


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One of my clients added an HX Stomp (purchased second hand) to their rig and reports that he gets a buzzing noise that is in sync with the Tap Tempo LED.  If he turns off tap tempo it goes away.  The rig is powered with the Cioks DC7 and has the proper cables (it turns on and works besides the noise).  Two 9v outputs are linked with a parallel DC cable to provide over 1000mA (1320mA available) as well as a 2.5mm x 5.5mm dc barrel on the pedal end.  I asked him to send a video and apparently it's become an intermittent issue.


Anyone else experience this or possibly have a solution?  Thank you!



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When it's about noise like that and ground loop is out of the equation, it's always EMIs and each environment it's a different story.


USB ports, USB hubs, USB chargers, HDMI cables, RF on TVs, video/computer monitors, inverters, AirCons, etc... it's all stuff that can potentially produce EMIs.


When this happens I always suggest to break down the environment in smaller bits, pull everything off from wall sockets, pull off USB cables, turning OFF ACs, monitors, PCs etc etc...and then if noise is gone from the pedalboard, start turning everything on again, just one device/cable at time, to find the offender.

That's why it's typically an intermittent issue, since it's mostly caused by something else that can be turned off or unplugged, but that isn't part of the pedalboard, so you don't think about it.

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