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Am I the only one who misses the soldano x88r pre-amp model (Hi-Gain on the POD series)?


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what settings are you guys using for the Solo LD?  Especially for the Gain, Master, Channel Volume.  I have been going back and forth on high gain/vs low master and vice versa.  I understand the difference between Gain (preamp distortion, smoother) and Master(poweramp distortion, more beef).   


I am using the master between 4 and 6 or 7 and the gain between .5 to 4 or 5.


I have not had a chance to play loud (with a band) using these presets, so I'm curious if the lower master will cut through (I know eq matters, but not talking about that here).


So, please post what you are using if you don't mind sharing.  Thanks.  or point me somewhere where this is already posted.


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This is definitely a Model that is missed on my end, 
I've ran the SLO models in helix against the Hi-Gain Modern in pod farm, through a oscilloscope and eq, with tone generators and have tried to get the same thing that it does, but the it seems the HG-M model is just a beast of it's own, from the eq it appears that it doesn't add certain harmonics like the SLO does, which i think is what gives it the unique tone that it has,  I'm just starting my dive into getting that sound in Helix, so i'll try to through some stuff this way if i get close

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