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Accidental Impedance Mismatch


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I made a boo-boo last night that I'm hoping you guys can tell me was a small one: I've got a DT25 112 that I run in 4CM with my Helix. When I play at home I usually connect a second 8-ohm speaker cab, so I connect that (as well as the internal speaker) into the two 4-ohm speaker outs. We played a gig last night; I did not bring the second cab with me but forgot to move the internal speaker over to an 8-ohm output jack. Our set was about 75 mins and I was running in Low-Volume mode (no idea if that makes any difference). The amp sounded great as always and made it through the gig fine (I didn't realize the gaffe until I was setting things up back at home this morning). Could I have potentially done any damage to the amp or is it OK?

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