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Is there a way to edit presets for HX Stomp offline ?


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I don't think you'll see this with HX Edit as it's fundamental design depends entirely on the logic contained in the Helix unit.  This means if you were able to do it you could design a preset that wouldn't even load or work on your Helix unit.  As I understand it, there is something of a workaround if you have Helix Native because you can create presets in that environment then transfer the preset to your Helix hardware.

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@vincentm77 I too wish that, one day, Line 6 will release a stand alone version of HX Edit or some direct method to Edit Presets offline.  But that may be nothing more than a pipe dream.


In the interim, here's how to do what you want:

  • Log into your Line 6 Account.
  • Download and Install Helix Native to your DAW or a Free VST Host. Helix Native is offered as a Full Featured Free Trial. Or, as an HX Stomp Owner you can but it for the reduced price of $99 USD. However, when Line 6 puts Helix Native on Sale (typically 30% less) you can get it for about $70 USD. This presumes you are the original purchaser of your HX Stomp, or if you bought used, that the original owner never used the S/N to purchase Helix Native.
  • Change Helix Native's Preferences > Hardware Compatibility from the Default (Floor/LT/Rack) to HX Stomp. 
  • Using HX Edit backup your Preset (*.hlx) files to your computer.
  • Using Helix Native Import your desired Preset (.hlx) files for editing.
  • Edit your Presets and save to your computer.
  • Open HX Edit
  • Import Edited Preset (*.hlx) files and save to your HX Stomp.
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Similar to @musiclaw's advice, I've edited patches on flights using Helix Native (set in Stomp mode) using a set of pre-recorded loops of my guitar in Logic. It worked dandy, though was editing through headphones so later tweaked the EQ a bit when using hardware and PA.

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