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HX Effects: Loud hum on distortion/overdrive patches...


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I've been using my HX Effects live quite a bit and love it.   The modulation and delay effects are pristine.  No noise and they just do what they are supposed to.  The distortion/overdrive patches have a huge 60 cycle hum.   I had a similar problem on the same board with my old M5, but it wasn't quite as loud.   Before I jump into the great ground loop rabbit hole, could the placement on my board be the issue?  Here's how it's set up:


Dunlop volume pedal > Vox Wah > Xotic BB+ > Vertex UltraPhonix > HX Effects > to amp


Could that chain cause the problem?


Right now, I use it a lot with a TrueTone OneSpot power supply.  I've tried reversing polarity (unplug & replug swapped 180) and it doesn't help.  I have heard, recently, an Ebtech hum eliminator will help, but have yet to try that.  I also have a PedalSnake set up to run it when I have the time to set that up.  The power supply is similar, but from another manufacturer.  I use the same power supply from my rack thru the PedalSnake.  Same issues.   Overdrive & distortion patches have hum... nothing else does.  I have not modified the output volumes, so they are as when it came out of the box.  


Thanks in advance.

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Just had some time to set things up and play with the rig.  Ran the above routing into my Dr. Z MAZ-38 2X10.  The amp makes no difference.  I have a Blues Jr. and a Line 6 AX2 (Matchless patch) and they both do the same thing.


  I get a slight noise when no effects are active that throbs in time with the tap tempo light.  Still have a lot of noise/hum on the overdrive/distortion patches.  I reversed the polarity of the power supply; no change.  I have an Ebtec Hum Eliminator and put that between the pedal board and the amp; no change.  So, I am beginning to think it has to be the way I have the signal path routed.


Dunlop volume pedal > Vox Wah > Xotic BB+ > Vertex UltraPhonix > HX Effects > to amp


I'm old and new to this thing, so I'm sure there is some magic in there I haven't figured out yet.  If the placement in the path above is causing this, then where should I put it?  1st in the path?  Will do some more playing an report back if I figure it out.  Thanx in advance for any ideas.



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I must be a stupid old man...   no one has replied..  


I had a thought...  I'm using a One Spot power supply to power the pedal board the HX Effects is on.   I hated the power supply that came with the HX Effects.  Who came up with that design?   I am going to test using the original and see if the problem goes away.   If that doesn't work, I will attempt to add a static noise gate on each distortion/overdrive patch.  Hopefully this stupid old man isn't the only one that is having this problem.

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