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Thanks Alienux


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I don't know if you still come on these forums, but I wanted to thank you for the time you took to share your patches, especially the John Sykes patches.


I've owned a HD500X for years, and used it for about an hour after my wife gave it to me for Christmas.  Just recently, I got into recording at my little home studio.   I found the HD500X a great tool for recording in Reaper.  I was using Guitar Rig 5, but found the sound to suffer a LOT using it outside it's own program.


I can record the sound I hear using my HD500X.


I've always admired John Sykes tone on the Whitesnake album, and even live, he was able to play and sing those songs. 


I'm still learning to develop my own patches, and the few I've created sound good, at least to me, and my playing.  I know you can take a patch and it can be disappointing when you download it, load it in your unit, and it sucks.


I downloaded 4 Sykes patches, and they are almost spot on to the recordings.


Thanks again, I am really enjoying that monster tone!



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I actually haven't been on here in awhile, and just uploaded a new patch to Customtone today and decided to check out the forums.


It's always good to hear that a patch works for someone else. You never know how it will sound with a different guitar/speaker/PA etc. Glad to know that you like it and can get some use out of it.

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