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Will the HX Stomp work with an external MIDI controller?


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I apologize, but I see this discussed here, but the only thing I see for sure is that you can get two extra buttons.


Is it known definitively if it will work with generic MIDI controllers, or which ones?


The only MIDI experience is nearly nil.  I gather this isn't as simple as connecting a MIDI controller, and pressing "Save", right?

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Of course it will work (otherwise, why would it have a MIDI In?). Program changes will defenitely work with any controller and in case you want to use CC (continuous controller) messages to work as well, you need to have a look into the configuration options of the controller in question. The Stomp has a limited amount of free CC "slots" (there's only 127 in total), with the HX series there's some fixed CCs to control a certain function and some free ones. You need to look up the MIDI implementation chart.

Note: If you plan to use snapshots and MIDI controlled parameters (others than on/off) along with each other, rather forget about it, Line 6 decided to royally mess that up (any parameter controlled via MIDI is automatically controlled by snapshots as well).

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