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Forgive my ignorance but I do have a question about 3.5 Update


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Kinda of a newbie to HX so go easy on me. This evening I decided to update to 3.5. I read the instruction and backed up my settings then I updated my HX Edit software. Once it updated and downloaded, I then connected my HX Effects unit and proceeded to download. I had read some folks had issues with the update but mine said it updated within 5 minutes. I waited for a bit and then disconnected. I was worried because I didn't' see the "boot failure" screen. It all looked like it worked like a charm. I turned off the unit and turned it back on and sure enough, it says it's 3.5 software on my HX Effects unit. I think I'm good but it leaves with a couple of questions.


1. Do I need to do a factory reset in order for the software to complete its update?

2. If yes, am I to back up the 3.5 software first?


Like I said, some of this is new to me.

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Yes - you should do the factory reset. It doesn't complete the update, but it's just a good thing to do. You already created the backup before you did the update, so you don't need to create another one. After doing the factory reset, just go to File>Restore from Backup and do that.


The HX Effects update doesn't do the little gap during the middle of the update because it doesn't get all the new cabs like the other hardware units do.

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