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Helix 3.5 and DT25


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Hi chums.


I use my Helix LT via Line6 link to a Line6 DT25 combo live. I usually have pre-sets arranged so I use pre-amps on the Helix rather than 'amp+cab', I then 'tap off' the signal in the Helix after the FX and send it to an IR of the DT25 and then out to left XLR out to the PA mixer so that the rest of the band can have me in their monitors and have a little FOH if we need it. I made the IR by plugging into the FX return of the DT25 so my IR has DT25 power amp (Class AB pentode is my favourite), DT25 cab and speaker and SM57 mic in the chain.


With the new cab models in Helix 3.5, how would I model a power amp in my feed to the mixer? I don't think there's a way to put a Helix power amp without a pre-amp in my tap off to the mixer out. 


Any thoughts?



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