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Stomp XL- Expression Pedal AND Footswitch don't work after 3.5 update


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Hi all,

I've got a Stomp XL with a TRS-TS/TR Y-cable splitter from the Exp/FS out. Hotone expression pedal connected to TS branch, Saturnworks multi-tap connected to TR branch. This is so the Saturnworks tap pedal can send tap tempo to 2 separate multi-effects pedals at once, and the Hotone expression pedal can control functions (wah) on the Stomp. It always worked great until I updated to 3.5 and now neither pedal does anything. I have tried changing expression pedal settings, as well as Global footswitch and expression pedal polarities, but nothing seems to fix it.

I have read a lot from people re-wiring and soldering their pedals, but I'd really like to avoid that, since the two worked before.

Just wondering if anyone out there has an expression pedal AND an external footswitch (momentary) connected via a Y splitter and it's working? If so, please explain what you did that made it work. 

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On 11/9/2022 at 4:02 PM, gilvanjunior said:

I have an HS Stomp and I use hotone ampero switch, my expression pedal also stopped working after the 3.5 update.



One possibility is that you never did the backup, factory reset, and backup restore, or that something went wrong in that process. If so, your global settings may now be back to the factory default. You could try restoring your global settings from a backup. Uncheck everything else. Also, the usual advice about making sure you are using the correct EXP input and try reseating the cable for the expression pedal, if you removed it for the upgrade. Swapping out the cable is never a bad test either. Murphy loves to have a cable fail right after an upgrade.

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