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Feature request for Catalyst 100/200 owners wo also own another HX product: Catalyst support in HX Edit


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This feature request on Ideascale exists to serve those who own both a Catalyst 100 or 200 AND also own a HELIX of some kind or a HX Stomp or HX Effects unit and who wish to use both together in a seamless way.
The idea is for users to be able to create a SINGLE preset inside HX Edit for HELIX, Stomp or FX -but where optionally the Catalyst signal chain can also be included in block form such that a single preset sets up both the HELIX or HX device  AND there Catalyst. For this to work the HELIX/HX device would act as master and catalyst as the slave- in that all the parameters and model blocks in the Catalyst would be stored in this preset - and whenever this preset gets switched to, a set of MIDI commands ( syses maybe? ) would be sent over MIDI DIN to the Catalyst such that we have just ONE preset for everything in both devices.
This gets over the situation where otherwise one would have for example one preset in HX FX and need to switch to some preset in catalyst that one wants together. Of course one can do this but it's a fiddle. How much better to be able to store parameters for both the HELIX or HX device AND the connected ( over MIDI DIN ) Catalyst.
In effect ( scuse pun ) the two units become seamlessly "one" - and this HX Edit feature would add a strong reason for the owner of one of the products to get the other.
Vote up for this here:
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  • d0stenning changed the title to Feature request for Catalyst 100/200 owners wo also own another HX product: Catalyst support in HX Edit

I don't understand.

I have presets on my Helix that load any of the Cat's 6 banks, send Channel A/B commands, contain Helix FX and toggle Catalyst FX/Reverb/Boost. They also contain a Helix amp (have copies with assorted Helix amps) which, when activated, toggles the FX Loop to Bypass the Cat's Preamp. They also configure my PC212+ depending upon how it's being used. All through the magic of MIDI. There's even more that could be done within the limitations of the # of ICs and Footswitches on Helix.


While it might be handy to have the Cat's signal chain visible in HX Edit so that you don't have to have the Cat's MIDI Command list handy, Cat users are a very small subset of Helix users, and realistically I don't see L6 devoting a lot of time to integrating Cat/Helix beyond the MIDI implementation. Of course, while it will be interesting to see how many votes it gets, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.


What is it that you think CAN'T be done with HX Edit now?

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