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Using Pod X3 Live With Pod Farm 2.5 And Cubase


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Hello everybody,


I have been wanting to boost the quality of my recordings, so I was wondering if it is possible to have the following set up

guitar >>> POD X3 Live >>> POD Farm 2.5 >>>> Cubase?


What i want to do is to use the hardware in the X3 Live *WITHOUT* the sound emulation options, plugged into the computer. The sound emulation would come from the POD Farm 2.5 and, with Cubase 5 on, i would be able to record my stuff.

Have the sound come from theguitar, use the X3 Live has an interface to transmite the sound signal into my computer, mod it in POD Farm and then be able to record it with cubase.


thank you very much for the help.

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In my opinion, the best way would be:


Record via ASIO from the X3L.  You would record the dry sends (sorry I don't remember which ones they are anymore).  You might also want to record sends 1 & 2 (wet sends) as reference.  Once you have the dry signal recorded, add PF 2.5 plug-in as an effect and manipulate the dry signal to your hearts content.


You could also try monitoring via the PF 2.5 stand-alone program, and using the X3L as your input device.  I'm not sure what the signal chain would look like getting the ASIO tracks to Cubase.  I still like the fires option better.

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I agree with BigChas52. The dry signals from the X3L over USB to Cubase are Input 7 (Tone 1) and Input 8 (Tone 2). Record these signals into mono tracks in Cubase. While recording, use the X3L to monitor the wet (processed) signal using whatever preset you wish - the processed sound is not being recorded. After recording, if you wish you can use Gearbox to transfer the X3L preset into the Pod Farm 2.5 tones folder on your computer so that you can use this preset as your starting point for tweaking the sound in Pod Farm 2.5.

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