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Hx Stomp amp sims not working (effects working normally)


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Hello all looking for some help. I recently purchased a used Hx Stomp. Upon receiving the unit I upgraded to the new 3.5 firmware. The update seemed to be successful, but when I use the unit, none of the amp simulation blocks are working. The effects blocks are working normally and when I play I hear a clean guitar sound, but nothing changes when I open and amp + cab. I have performed several factory resets including presets and global settings, and re-installed Hx Edit, still no success. I am not sure if things were working normally before the firmware upgrade (my mistake for not testing prior to updating). I also have a Helix LT which I updated on the same version of Hx Edit and that is working normally. I don't know what to do next and am quite frustrated, any help would be much appreciated.

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That is . . . ummm .  .  . hard to imagine since it seems like if it was busted hardware you wouldn't have effects working. As for software, hard to imagine a specific subset category just failing. 


Does anything work if you do separate amp and cab blocks and no other effects? Is it still just a clean sound? 

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@badMETAsin82uninstall all the Line6 software and drivers from your computer, AFTER doing a Backup to preserve what you have and what you may wish to preserve for later Restore to your devices. 


Then download a clean copy of HX Edit. Next, launch HX Edit and allow it to install all the necessary components. HX Edit should install and recognize your connected HX Stomp. Complete the entire process with the recommended Factory Preset! If this fails to get the amps properly working, but 3.5 HX Edit gets properly installed, follow the next steps.


Download to your local drive the 3.5 firmware for you HX Stomp from Line 6's website's Downloads Page, by selecting HX Stomp in the Hardware dropdown, FIrmware in the Software dropdown and your OS in the OS Dropdown.  Also download Line 6 Updater! The current version is 1.27. If you wish, you may also download the HX Edit Installer to your local drive if you need to, and same with the LT firmware. Select each in the appropriate Download page dropdowns, so now you would have all Four (4) of the software components. Same applies to Helix Native if you use that.


Launch Line 6 Updater with your HX Stomp connected and powered of. Once Line 6 Updater recognizes your HX Stomp connected, select Local Files, and select the HX Stomp Firmware file you saved to your local drive. Allow Line 6 Updater to do he install, it will take a few minutes. After it completes, do the Factory Power on Reset of your HX Stomp. 


If you have any Presets, Global Settings, User Model Defaults, IRs, etc. which you may have previously Backed Up, after the PowerOn Factory Reset completes, Restore what you wish via HX Edit's Restore from Backup feature and be sure to click on the items you wish to Restore!  Then do the Preset Power On Rebuild by holding the HX Stomp's Upper and Lower Buttons while powering on. After this completes, you should be all set!


If still no go, submit a Support Ticket with Line 6.


Hope this helps.  

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