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Helix 3.5 and setlist Factory 1 ?


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Where can I find the new 3.50 factory presets? Setlist Factory 1? I can't find them despite all my efforts and updates.. I know that I am wrong somewhere in the procedure. Can you help me ?

I tried several times, unfortunately without success, updating the HX edit. Always the same presets with in 1st: 01A FX: stereo Swirl etc..
However I have the new amps/effects etc... Definitely I messed up the 3.50 update the first time concerning the preset and setlist options

It's frankly complicated.. I just want to try the Factory 1 setlist.. Why is it so complicated, when we could just load this setlist, like I do with my own setlists..

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This has been covered a bunch in here. If you follow the instructions carefully (I know things are easy to miss) it says in step 3


    • Helix Floor/LT: While holding footswitches 9 & 10 (bottom row, 2 middle switches), turn on Helix Floor/LT
    • Helix Rack: While holding knobs 5 & 6 (2 furthest right knobs below the screen), turn on Helix Rack
    • HX Effects: While holding footswitches 6 & TAP (2 farthest right switches on the bottom row), turn on HX Effects
    • HX Stomp: While holding footswitches 2 & 3, turn on HX Stomp
    • HX Stomp XL: While holding footswitches C & D, turn on HX Stomp


This will put Factory 1 and 2 in the set lists. There will also be a Template set list as well.


Remember this will delete all of your presets so make sure you did a backup. That's the only way you'll get them back.

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If you might be missing the same step each time you've tried, the results will remain deficient! Of course, there is always the possibility that you are experiencing an hardware problem, however, you have not indicated anything which would tend to reflect that would be the problem. 


Best recommendation is to uninstall all your Line 6 software from your computer -- after first making sure you have a BACKUP of any Custom Presets, Global Settings or User Model Defaults you may wish to subsequently RESTORE.


Once you have confirmed that all the software is gone. Log onto your Line 6 account and download a clean copy of HX Edit 3.50. Launch it and allow it to proceed to install all the necessary software. Once HX Edit has completed the install. Connect your device to your and again launch HX Edit. You may need to again log into your Line 6 account so HX Edit sees your account. Then, HX Edit will prompt you to install 3.50 to your Device. If it does not, then you will need to use your browser to go to the Line 6 downloads page and download Line 6 Updater. The latest version is 1.27. Also download the 3.50 Firmware for your device (Not: this is not HX Edit! Rather it is the Firmware specifically for your device). Then install Line 6 Updater. Next, launch Line 6 updater with your device connected and select the 3.50 Firmware for your device from your Local Drive. Allow Line 6 Updater to perform the firmware install. When it completes, perform the Full Factory Reset Power On sequence for your Device! Then, the Firmware 3.5 Factory Setlists should be present on your device, and when you access your device using HX Edit 3.50. Thereafter, if you have any Global Settings, User Presets, or User Model Defaults you might wish to Restore, use HX Edit to do so. Be certain that you do not overwrite the new Factory 1 or Factory 2 Presets with your Restore from previous Backup, by unchecking those items in the Backup routine checkboxes. 


If all the above fails to get you going, you'll need to contact Line 6 to get you sorted out.

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