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Problem With Fbv Express Mkii + Pod Xt


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I recently bought the FBV Express MKII to controll my POD XT (bean) unit.


The problem is, that the board doesn't switch any patches at all.


If I select different patches on my pod, the respective led on the fbv does light up.

Let's say I have 28A selected on my pod. The FBV then lights up on A. I switch on my pod to 28B -> FBV B lights up.

Obviously, the FBV should controll my POD, not the other way around ;)

If I use the ABCD switches on the FBV, nothing happens on the POD. 


How is this possible? The manual says, both units are compatible and they should work "plug & play".


What I already tried to do:

  • I updated anything via line6monkey.
  • I connected the FBV to usb only to test in Gearbox -> same as it is with the pod. I switch something in gear box and the leds on the FBV change, but not the other way around
  • I connected the FBV to the POD with the original cable, having the POD conected to my PC via USB and without havong it connected to my PC. -> No difference!
  • I calibrated the FBV multiple times.

I just noted, that the red led on the FBV (let's say B) is flickering in an interval of ~2-3 seconds when I put it on. (This is not for TAP, as I choose a sound without any TAP tempo stuff). The display shows nothing, until I change the sound on the pod. It then shows ABC or D and the LED stops flickering - > still no function on the FBV-buttons


Did anyone experience this kind of problem? Or is there maybe a simple solution I just didn't think of?

I'm looking forward to your suggestions :)



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inspect the sockets with a flashlight, you may have a bent pin.

I inspected the sockets on both units - the pod and the fbv - and it doesn't look like there is anything wrong. No bent pins as far as I can see.

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No more ideas what the problem could be?

I went to the store where I bought the pedal and testet another FBV Express to make sure, the Pedal isn't simply broken. The other pedal didn't work as well.

The guy from the shop said that the pins in my POD look good and it COULD BE a problem with a chip.

Is this possible? Did you hear about a problem like this before? If yes, is it possible to fix this?

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only thing i can think of is possibly an issue with the port on the XT internally, since you tested cables and other pedals.. the problem is most certainly the XT... but what i don't know.

Ok, thank you for your answers and your help so far.

If I manage to find out something more about the problem I will post this here.

Best regards!

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I have the POD HD, not the XT so cannot help for your specific situation, other than to say that the FBV Express II does NOT work as advertised with the POD HD..., so unless you find information that indicates someone does actually have your pod/board combo working, assume its as it is.

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I had the same issue on FBV mkii Express. This was after I updated the firmware of the pedal. From once a working unit for my Spider IV 75, now unseable. Could be a  chip issue which was corrupted during firmware update. Others have successfully updated their unit some was unlucky. Mine was bought used in Ebay w/o the warranty. If I were you, have it replace by the store while it's still under warranty.

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  • 6 years later...

Did anyone figure this out? I'm having the same problem. My FBV Express MK2 worked fine until I updated the software on my Pod XT with Line 6 Monkey. Now the Pod will change the FBV but the FBV wont change the POD. I updated the FBV to the latest software also but it still wont work.

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