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The Helix needs an integrated drum machine.


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Hello guys at Line6,

In the next iteration of the Helix products, can you please...



Add a drum machine

for training

In many domains, the tool you use for training will be the one you use on stage. Or not. But for convenience, it better be. The Helix has a looper, he could have a simple drum machine. It will allow learning customer to have a foot in the ecosystem.


for shows

When you have everything, you can then even make a mini-show with solely the stomp.



Let's take a look at a sub-$100 product like the Zoom G1 Four. It is a multi-effect, sure less powerful than helix but still usable, a looper, and a synchronized drum machine, it can powerd by batteries, pedal board supply, or USB phone charger. To train or to make a show, I take this light unit, I connect it to my phone charger and I can put a rythm, record a loop, and play.


To do the same thing with the HX Stomp, I had to buy a pedal board frame, a Boss RC-10R to do the loop and the enslaved drum machine, a multiplug system to have power to the Stomp and a pedal power supply for the boss. To have phones on this setup, I have a mini-mixer on the pedal board. I would better to buy a Helix II with integrated drum machine. Can you make one? :-)

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1) Nobody "official" ever frequents this forum... especially not here in the lounge. Feature requests go in IdeaScale.


2) Ask them for anything you want, but in all the years I've been hanging around here, I've never seen anybody request an integrated drum machine in any L6 product...I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

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