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HX Effects Increment/Decrement Preset Behavior


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I have two HX Effects connected via MIDI so that when I step on Preset 1 on the first, it simply goes to Preset 1 on the 2nd. Easy peasy.


But there's an odd behavior: I leave both in Stomp Mode, so press the Mode FS to come out to the 4 presets to choose a preset, then it goes back into Stomp mode. Works great. But, whenever I turn them on, let's say I'm on bank 4 Preset 1 (4A). If I step on the Up button to go to bank 5, it goes to bank 32.


It does this no matter what bank I'm starting on - it always goes down to 32 first, then I have to increment back up to 5 or wherever I want it to go.


This only does it the very first time - after that it seems fine.

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What FW are you on?

IIRC, this was a known bug on the HX devices, but I thought it was fixed.

It seems to be working correctly on my HXS.

If you aren't already on v3.50, try updating.

If you are, try a factory reset.

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