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Spider Valve 212 Original Mk1,


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I have a spider valve 212 amp which was bought used in 2012. Original mk1, It has served me faithfully as my main gig amp ever since. 


I typically let the amp warm up for about a minute and a half, cool down for the same. 


For about 2 months now I have been having a problem with the distortion cutting out on me and replaced with a loud buzz replacing it, still getting notes out but it sounds fizzy. 


It also gets pretty hot when this happens. 


Amp was taken to a tech. He told me tubes weren't the issue. He also said "I work on amps, not computers" humph, at least he didn't charge me a lot of money. 


Please help, God Bless!


-Easy E.


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That's the only problem with these amps. They are a hybrid of half amp and half computer. First thing is, we all know how hot tubes in a tube amp can get, which is part of their charm. Well, we also know what happens when a computer gets hot! There is a part of the "computer" that is getting too hot. First thing to try (a little ghetto, but...) get a small fan and aim it at the back of the amp while you're playing it. If it stops doing what you said, then there's your problem. Next, look for a Line 6 certified store to look at it, not a regular amp place. More than likely it is the mother board which can be replaced by a Line 6 certified repairman. Good luck bro...


cgtrox B)

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