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Boost pedal, do you throw it in the FX loop of the POD GO? or after the output?


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I feel as if I may have posted this already, but I can't find any record/proof of it. So here goes: 

Does it really make a difference if you put a boost in the FX loop at the end of the blocks or after the output? (I am referring to a physical boost pedal. I know that the EP booster is in the POD GO, to be clear) 


I suspect it wouldn't make a difference, but I wanted to ask in case there was something I am just not thinking about. 

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Whether you put a boost at the start or end would make a big difference; more distortion, boosts the reverb, delays, etc.,   The harder you hit an amp, the distortion increase, so it would not be the same. 


But as for "at the end of the blocks or after the output?", you can't really put anything after the 'output' (the last non-editable block), so unless you're talking hacked patch, no idea what you mean!  But yeah, where ever you put you FX Loop block in your chain will have an effect, albeit to a varying degree.

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Sorry for the confusion. 


I realize my question was a little confusing. And also that in my testing, I've never put a boost pedal after a cab, so it's somewhat of a moot point. 

Regarding after the output, I meant a physical pedal connected to the line out on the line 6, and the output of that pedal going into an amp. 


But again, besides the point now after a little more thinking on my part. 

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