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The New Cabs Are Altering How I Create Presets


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Yes, the presets sound better - compare a legacy amp+cab with a new amp+cab, and set the parameters set as closely as possible. The new cab is a definite improvement. But the reduced CPU consumption is huge. I've come up with a zillion workarounds over the years to try and squeeze out more CPU power, but many of those workarounds just aren't needed anymore.


This makes HX Stomp into a whole other animal. For example, I've come up with some presets where it wasn't possible to have two cabs for stereo, so I made "faux" cabs out of EQ. With the new cabs, I'm finding that presets that were impossible to fit into an HX Stomp before are now possible, and Helix floor gets an insane amount of added power with the new cabs. 


I can also do multiband presets with enough CPU left over to include a bunch of effects for leads. All I can say is well done, Line 6! Better sound is one thing, but better sound with less CPU consumption is amazing. 

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