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Can you make a block for lead and clean then page up and down during a show? Pod Go


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Not sure I understand what you’re asking… You can easily change presets during a show, yes. There will be a

short gap in the sound when you change presets, so you might be better off using snapshots rather than presets.

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Yeah so 'small' weakness of PGO; as mentioned when switching preset, there's a cut out in the sound, something like 1/3 second, plus the delays/reverbs cut out... 


You can configure 'snapshots', allows you to change parameters of your blocks (ex; distortion pedal, amp drive (ex; drive 3 -> 10), reverb mix/time/etc), but you're not allowed to change blocks themselves, nor their order.  But, then there's no sound cut out and the delays and reverb carries.  So if you're using an amp which can go from clean to dirty, or a distortion pedal, you can use snapshot to go from lead to clean and whatnot.


But yeah, that limitation is something I think many of its competitors do not have.

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