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Antivirus/Internet Security suite with lowest impact in performance


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Hello I’m Guido from Italy

I have a simple question. What Antivirus/Internet Security suite do you use that has lowest impact in performance usino audio with Helix as audio interface?
No drop, sound artifacts, gitter, latency problem, ecc….

Please tell what you use and if on Windows or Mac and if your pc/Mac is recent or older

Thanks in avance 


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I just run a PC... and let Windows Defender do it's thing. 

I also keep the free version of MalwareBytes on my system that I can run on demand... it doesn't load/run in the background. 


I hate those AV suites with a passion.... Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc... etc....To say they are resource hogs is an understatement. I'd rather use the processing power for something else. I just keep it simple, and use common sense with accessing the web! I also keep multiple redundant backups. 

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I worked for a major AV vendor for 4 years... these days I'm all about MS Defender as well. Built and works as well as any of them. If you are just using the system for recording/playing and not surfing the net or checking email, you could temporarily disable your AV while doing that - might help if you are have AV related latency issues. 

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If you are getting crackles and pops I dont think its an AV problem, that was more a thing of the past with old gen invasive AVs. Windows defender is fine, just avoid disks scanning while doing music.


Crackles and pops on a windows machine are more because too low audio buffer for the driver/system to handle, hard fault pages and random DPC calls.


Suggest you to read this very solid guide to DAW optimization, especially for realtime VST (it's free);

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Concur with all the above comments,remove any 3rd party AV if possible,stay offline as much as you can and when recording,tracking,mixing etc disable your Windows Firewalls and Defender temporarily if you're confident enough to venture into Registry Key manipulation.


Lots of good guides to DAW optimisation in addition to the one suggested by PierM out there,also check out Steinberg and PreSonus websites for their takes on this subject.

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