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Questions About Pod X3 Live And Software


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Hello! First time posting here!


I had bought a Pod X3 Live a couple of years ago but never went on with using it that much due to lack of time. I now have more time to dedicate to it so I tried incorporating it into my setup, I have some questions about the software in the computer however.


As I understand, Gearbox is the GUI editor for the Pod series that changes, in real time, the parameters on the Pod, which I can monitor through an amp or with headphones. Other than using the outputs into the inputs of my soundcard, is there any other way I could monitor it through my computer rather than having to plug the headphones on the pod? Also, how can I set it up as a soundcard, in order to transmit either the clean or the processed signal of the guitar/bass/vocals etc? I suppose through the USB connection, right?


Finally, what exactly is Podfarm? I understand that it is not a real-time graphical editor for the Pod but rather something like a software version of the Pod's processing capabilities, like a "Pod in a computer". In this case, is it any different than the X3 series? How is it meant to be used together with the Pod X3?


Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for any stupid questions!






PS: I'm using Reaper within Windows 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks (currently using both, trying to fully migrate to OS X)

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If you want to monitor through your computer's speakers, you would need to run the analog outs into your Mac's line in, but that is not optimal.

I would suggest investing in a set of monitors and a mixer if you plan on doing a lot of recording.


When you use the X3 to record via USB it is the soundcard.


The X3 is bundled with POD Farm 1.12, and essentially is a plug-in version of the X3 tones. The GUI is different from Gearbox but the tones are the same.


A common workflow is to capture both wet and dry sends (via USB) and then you can add the POD Farm plug-in to the dry track post processing.

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