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No Idea what I am doing wrong, Please help.


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I have had this Line 6 DT25 for quite some time and BARELY used it. I am not and never have been very AMP savy despite playing guitar for so long. I wanted to try and learn how to use this thing to its full potential but I am running into a lot of issues and cannot find clear cut explanations on how to use this device. 


Started watching several YouTube reviews of the product and tried many of the suggested settings ( even the ones on the little paper cut out that came with the amp). Biggest issue is that when I copy the settings EXACTLY - I am not getting ANY sound out of the amp. However, flip a switch or two and now I get sound but not remotely what I was trying to accomplish. 


I don't know what the 1-4 channels do exactly with the tones. I get that I have an A settings channel and a B settings channel and the Class A/B is a kind of combo of the two settings and the Class A is just channeling one set? WTF even is the PENTODE and TRIODE switches??


I can only hope I have everything plugged into the right places because at this point I am not sure about anything. Feels like I am messing with alien tech and it's so frustrating.


Another issue: This "low volume" mode, just completely turns off my sound unless I crank the Master Volume to the max.... kinda defeating the purpose of " low volume." I understand this mode is supposed to help emulate the Tube tones, or something? Scratch that... I don't understand.

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The 4 topologies are gain loops.


Class-A and A/B are kinds of amplification circuit configurations. You can have an "A" configuration or "A" feeding into a "B" configuration.


Tubes come in Triode (three element) or Pentode (five element). Switch allows the pentode to run in pentode mode or use only three elements

and run it in triode mode. These modes give different amplifying characteristics.


... for owner's manuals.


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