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touch menu for footswitches


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Hey all! Two questions:

How do I get the "touch menu" to show up on my helix LT? (to copy/paste snapshots, change the colors, names, etc)

Seems no matter how lightly i press the button, or how hard, it just switches to a preset


My second question is, on the Worship Tutorials presets for example, when switching between snapshots, some of the pedal and amp settings are different on each snapshot (illustrated on HX edit by the numbers on each knob highlighted in white and in brackets)


Thank you!

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If touch is enabled in Global Settings>Footswitches>Stomp Select, when you touch an assigned FS the display goes to that FS's settings.

If you maintain touch for a moment the display switches to the options available for that FS. RTM.

If it's only assignment is in Command Center (not simple BYPASS), then the display switches to Command Center.


Above is how it works on Helix Floor. It may be slightly different on the LT, so RTM.


When parameter values are bracketed and in white that means that those parameters are assigned to Snapshot control and may or may not be different from SS to SS, depending on the values when the SS is saved.


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On 1/14/2023 at 7:23 PM, snifflestink said:

How do I get the "touch menu" to show up on my helix LT?


There is no touch menu on the Helix, just "touch capacitive" footswitches.


Global Settings > Footswitches > Stomp Select

Set that to "Touch" or "Touch & Press"... 


Touch the button with your finger, not a foot in shoes. It will react to bare feet, and sometimes feet in socks. 

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