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HX stomp USB output into Mac-DAW(Ableton)-Volume too low, tone thin and distorted, extreme latency


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Im running my HX stomp into my mac via USB and assigning my in/out in Ableton 11. the Line peaks -24db and the sound is brittle thin and distorted. I cannot seem to be able to adjust the USB output or get the same tone as the (stereo)audio output. is the USB output defective? do I need a driver? 


Ableton reads the device and assigns without issue but when recording the monitor latency is very late. Unplayable to monitor through the DAW. I've adjusted latency in ableton and its not synching even closely. Sounds like a horrible 100% wet delay when playing. 


Ive ran the Audio out as LINE into my Apollo twin and it sound great. ive ran it LINE out into powered speakers, power amp and cab... all sound good. Ive adjusted my ins/outs on the HX stomp from line to instrument, Ive messed with the USB in 1/2 db and that does nothing to the USB signal going into my Mac. Ive yet to instal HX edit but i doubt that will make a difference. 


can anyone help me with the low volume from USB out and the latency issue?

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From the LIVE manual:


1. The Meter shows both peak and RMS output levels for the track. While monitoring, however,
it shows peak and RMS input levels. Peak meters show sudden changes in level, while
RMS meters give a better impression of perceived loudness.


Article on optimum input levels for recording: dynamic tracks%2C the recommended,during mixing%2C and so on.




 For dynamic tracks, the recommended level — offering a good compromise between resolution, strong output, and headroom — is between -18dB and -12dB. This allows plenty of headroom for transients, dynamics, and level spikes, and is low enough that there’s room to boost EQ, add level during mixing, and so on. but it’s still hot enough to provide good resolution and level.




I'm showing PEAK around -12db and RMS around -24db in LIVE.


Your latency will depend on your CPU's power. Set the lowest buffer size possible.

On my 7th gen i7 laptop that's 96 with a simple project, 128 with a larger project. That results in RT latency of 9ms at 96 (48k sample rate) and 12.2ms at 128 as reported by the DAW. The generally accepted (RIAA study) threshold of perception is 10ms RT. Helix adds 2-3ms and if you're using digital wireless that can add 3-6ms.  

Unless you're playing through a plugin, don't monitor your recording through the DAW. Monitor direct from the HXS.

If your CPU is not up to the task (or your computer is not properly optimized for use with a DAW) this could be the source of your "distortion".


Latency is irrelevant during playback regardless of ITB processing (plugins).

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On 1/16/2023 at 12:44 AM, KenCarlMusic said:

HX stomp into my mac via USB

Mac model?
MacOS version?


On 1/16/2023 at 12:44 AM, KenCarlMusic said:

do I need a driver?

If you need other sample rate than 48 kHz, yes.

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