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FlexoVibe Deep Dive


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I've been working on the 1.2 update to The Big Book of Helix Tips and Tricks, so among other things I've been checking out the 3.50 effects in depth. The FlexoVibe is pretty unusual, so I thought y'all might appreciate what I've found out so far. Here's an excerpt, I hope you find it helpful as you check out the various parameters.


This Line 6 original effect modulates amplitude, phase, and (in stereo mode), stereo image. If there’s any other effect out there like this, I certainly haven’t heard it. Line 6 considers it a chorus, but to my ears, the sound has more in common with a phase shifter. Note that choosing mono or stereo gives very different characters. Stereo is definitely optimum.




  • Rate isn’t calibrated in Hz, but I’d estimate the slow speed is around 0.1 Hz, and the fastest speed, 4.5 Hz.
  • Intensity determines the amount of modulation.
  • Warp controls the LFO waveform, but this also varies according to the Intensity setting. Fig. 2.38 shows the audio output at different settings. The test frequency was 400 Hz. At lower frequencies, the peaks have a downward dip.




Figure 2.38  In Clockwise from upper left: Intensity = 5.0, Warp = 0.0. Intensity = 10, Warp = +1.0. Intensity = 10, Warp = ‑1.0. Intensity = 10, Warp = 0.0


  • Spread is available only in stereo mode, and sets the phase offset between the two LFOs. This also affects the stereo image. At 0.0, the image is essentially mono. 10 gives the most pronounced stereo separation. 5.0 splits the difference between those two extremes.
  • Mix works as expected. 0% has no effect in the mix, while 100% has no dry sound mixed in. The effect is most pronounced at 50%.


The waveforms in fig. 2.38 are more like snapshots that give a general idea of how the modulation affects the audio output. Because phase shifting is involved, the waveform looks different at different frequencies. The main takeaway is how Warp alters not only the shape, but different attack and decay characteristics.


Tip: In either the stereo or mono mode, for a vibrato effect set Warp to 0.0, Spread to 0.0, and Mix to 100%



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On 1/17/2023 at 7:51 AM, craiganderton said:

The FlexoVerb is pretty unusual

Hi @craiganderton

Oops! I would guess you actually meant FlexoVibe (also - FlexoVerb Deep Dive).


Apologies, but I have my proofreader’s head on today, and it’s not exactly the sort of typo that would show up in a spellchecker.

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