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It's time to start play on guitar bass (played on guitar several years).

The best solution for speaker to connect with helix is?

I have presets for bass guitar on helix and they sound good on my speaker  Headrush 108

but are there people who have better solution (cabinet or active speaker)?


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I wouldn't care much of FRFR for Bass honestly, and I'd just hunt for a good PA 15" speaker, with a "flattish" response giving you some juice at 40Hz without have to implement a subwoofer. Even something capable of producing -3dB at ~55Hz would do the job. That's if we are talking about a standard 4 strings bass, tuned E standard. If you go lower than that, maybe with a 5 strings, you need big and heavy stuff. It always depends what you need for; gigging? bedroom practice? stage monitor?


8" for bass is a bit weak (the 108 FR starts at 52Hz at -12dB, your E string fundamental sits at 41Hz), unless you are playing at bedroom levels and you don't care much for fundamentals. 

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Having a modeler does not in any way determine what kind of amp you need.


I've been using my HR FRFR112. 

Frequency Response 53hz-22khz +/-3db, Frequency Range 46hz-22khz -10db.

For home/jam/small gigs it does the job. It does, however, have a very "modern" sound.


TBH, if I were to get back into gigging on bass, I'd go for a real bass amp.

If you're using an active Ibanez and playing a lot of "slap'n'pop" then look for something with multiple 10" speakers.

For a more traditional sound, a Fender P-Bass into a 300watt/15" Fender Rumble is about as far on the "traditional" end as you can get for reasonable bucks.

Of course, if I had roadies it would be an SVT and a "fridge"... :-)


Of course, there's lots of ways to go.

You might want to go over to Talkbass and just cruise around the amp threads to see who's using what these days.


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The bass player in our group is perfectly happy going direct to the mixing board with just a Yamaha DXR12 floor monitor with the high pass filter turned off.  That, along with our QSC sub woofer gives him a great sound.

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