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Stereoize Wider effect


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Our band has 2 guitarists. Instead of soft panning, in live performance I use my Pod Go to get wide sound for my guitar using stereo delay, utilizing Haas effect. Other guitarist is dead mono in the middle, so both our instruments can be perfectly heard and distinguished.


That brings out one problem - when summed to mono, my guitar is quieter, gain goes down arround 3dB. I am well aware of this dissadvantage, but so far it was important for us to have good live sound, which is why I used stereo delay on several channels (drums overhead mics, vocals etc.) to get wide and pleasant stereo sound of entire band. Now we would like to use live recordings from our digital mixer to create videos, and I want them to be mono compatible.


I have studied and experimented with different techniques for stereoizing and widening mono signal (delay, choruses, pitch shifting, polarity), and they all have dissadvantages - gain issues, phase and correlation issues, chorused sound etc. All except one (M/S not considered) - Stereo Split EQ, which is 100% mono compatible and does not change guitar sound.


Here comes the question:


What are the chances that Line6 will create something like "Stereoize" effect, which uses EQ that has a separate control over its left and right channels, giving us a possibility to place guitar as wide as we like in stereo sound stage?


(Stereo Width and Double Take effects are not good for intended purpose).

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Within Helix this can be achieved utilising dual-routing with a separate EQ in each signal path.  As Pod Go is a simpler unit with single routing that option isn't available to it.  Line 6 will not give Pod Go anything that Helix doesn't have.  When Helix gets a firmware upgrade, Line 6 then considers what can be incorporated within Pod Go after taking into account its lower DSP and memory capabilities.   


You could post your idea for a stereo i.e. 2-channel EQ on the Line 6 'Ideascale' site. This is where Line 6 looks for ideas/feedback so if it attracts sufficient votes perhaps its something they might look into adding in a future update. However, unless strong support is there from Helix users for a stereo EQ, Line 6 is unlikely to consider adding it to Helix, and as this isn't a problem for Helix users (as they have dual routing) this probably isn't something that they need and thus it's unlikely to be added.

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