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Rotary Encoder for HX Stomp / Helix - FOUND!


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Hey all, 


So this weekend my HX stomp's rotary encoder #2 (of 3) went bad. The switch mechanism either gave out or was crushed internally, not sure. However, it stopped receiving button presses on encoder 2 under the screen. Long story short, I spent hours looking up posts, parts, sites, and came across what seemed like a compatible match. I soldered in the part a few moments ago and it works like OEM! I hope this helps anyone looking for the part. 


With ALLL that said, I can't guarantee that his works for the Helix as it does the HX. I've taken apart both units a few times for maintenance, however I just can't recall what was in the Helix Floor. Likely the same part. 


Here's the info: 


Digi-Key Part Number: PEC11R-4015F-S0024-ND

Manufacturer: Bourns Inc.

Manufacturer Product Number: PEC11R-4015F-S0024


Encoder Type: Mechanical

Output Type: Quadrature (Incremental)

Pulses Per Revolution: 24

Actuater Type: Flatted D 6mm

Detent: No 

Built in Switch: Yes

Mounting Type: Panel PCB

Orientation: Vertical 

Termination: PC Pin


DigiKey Link:




Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 8.08.04 PM.png

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